Senior Vocab List #12 (words from 1984)

1.)     debauchery — (n.) indulgent or immoral behavior

2.)     bourgeoisie — (n. pl.) middle-class people who exploit those beneath them for materialistic purposes

3.)     superfluous — (adj.) unnecessary; more than is needed

4.)     spurious — (adj.) not genuine

5.)     tenets — (n. pl.) important beliefs

6.)     copious — (adj.) abundant

7.)     malleable — (adj.) bendable or moldable; easily influenced

8.)     sententious — (adj.) full of aphorism; overly moralizing

9.)     abstruse — (adj.) obscure

10.)   prosaic — (adj.) — straightforward, lacking imagination, resembling prose

11.)   cumbersome — (adj.) heavy or bulky; complicated or problematic

12.)   repudiate — (adj.) to disown, deny, or reject, esp. on the basis of being invalid

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