Presentation Guide for Seniors

For those of you already working together this weekend, here are the guidelines that will be in Monday’s handout:

STEPS TWO & THREE: Collaboration/Presentation

Let’s begin with the end in mind. Here’s what I’ll consider while assessing your presentation:

  • Is it obvious that the group is fluent in their knowledge of the tale, its teller, and its context?
  • Does each group member make a significant contribution to the presentation?
  • Do the members of the group exhibit clarity and professionalism while speaking?
  • Does the presentation effectively sell the tale to the audience as both entertaining and educational?
  • Are all of the requirements fulfilled?

These criteria apply whether the presentation is live or on video.

Guidelines & Requirements:

1.)  You must address EACH of the following individually: the character’s portrait given by the Host the general prologue; the prologue to your pilgrim’s tale; and the tale itself.

  1. Include the information you gathered in step 1.
  2. Demonstrate how the three relate to each other would be a plus.
  3. Augmenting your summaries of the portrait and prologue with a visual aide or multimedia presentation would also be a plus (e.g. a Prezi or PowerPoint with images, appropriate music, etc.).

2.)  The portrait and the prologue may be summarized; however, the tale itself must be dramatized. This may be done as live action in front of the class OR filmed and shown during class.

* You may act it out, animate it, do a puppet show, use action figures, Legos, Barbie dolls… be creative! Just remember that your MAIN GOAL is to convey the tale to your audience – don’t do anything that will distract too much from that.

* You may set the tale in a different time period if you wish (á la your Romeo & Juliet project in 9th grade), but do not need to

* You MUST have at least one line from each main character remain exactly as it is in the text.

3.)  Presentations should be at least five minutes long, but no longer than 15 minutes.

4.)  Please work out all technical issues well before your day/time to present.

5.) If you are making a video, you must submit a copy of it BEFORE the presentation — 2nd period Reeve, Miller, Friar, and Summoner presenters, this means  before school starts that morning. Ninth period presenters of the same tales, this means by the end of 6th period on Monday. Please don’t wait until the last minute.


Due Date & Presentation Order:

  • Groups will present on Monday, December 12th and Tuesday, December 13th.
  • In order to preserve the narrative integrity of The Canterbury Tales, groups must go in the following order:

1.)  The Miller

2.)  The Reeve

3.)  The Friar

4.)  The Summoner

5.)  The Merchant

6.)  The Nun’s Priest

7.)  The Manciple


Following the last presentation, we’ll complete step four: Evaluation & Reflection.

And then…

…drum roll, please…

we will vote on which tale fulfills the Host’s request to the fullest extent.

No, you may not vote for your own tale.

Yes, I will monitor who votes for which tale.

No, I will not tell anyone who voted for which tale.

Yes, this is going to be awesome!











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