Several Things for Seniors

1.) Here’s a link to the 15-minute documentary clip we watched in class today (9th period only — 2nd period students, we’ll watch it in class tomorrow). Please complete the Video Notes handout I gave you if you haven’t already. Remember, the purpose questions you’re supposed to answer are (1) What connections does the filmmaker see between Winston Smith’s job and American media? and (2) What does the filmmaker imply are the Responsibilities of citizens of a democracy to ensure they get accurate, truthful, and complete information from their media and politicians?

2.) Your Cult Lit list #3 can be downloaded by clicking here: Cultural Literacy Unit 3

3.) The rest of 1984 Book 2 (with the exception of 201-216… read it if you’d like to, but you won’t be held accountable for it yet) is due tomorrow — reading and study guide.

4.) Many of you have already committed to your next Independent Reading choice… thank you! If you haven’t yet, though, please remember your commitment is due tomorrow.

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