Updates for everyone to stay on top of this week

AP Lit: Vocabulary quiz on Monday; resume/references/career narrative due on Wednesday.              -also-

It may be helpful for you to consider the introduction to Shakespeare and Modern Culture in the context of the brief descriptions of various kinds of literary theory we discussed on Friday. Which ones does the author seem to be using?

English IV:

1.) Vocabulary quiz on Monday; Career Narrative due on Wednesday.

2.) Please see Moodle if you need the Canterbury Tales homework due on Monday; note that 4th period’s assignment is different than 8th & 9th period’s assignment (you’ll all do the same work this week, just in a slightly different order).

3.) You should be filling out your very brief chivalry journal entries each day! Your journal and 1-2 page reflection are both due on Thursday.

4.) As always, your AoW is due on Friday. This week’s article was tweeted on Friday, but I do have hard copies available for you if you want to pick one up.


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