AP Lit Weekend Instructions

I’ll keep this as succinct as possible so you can get to work!

First, for the two of you who were at Mock Trial today (hope that went well), here is the assignment you missed:

Read “Sonnet 30” by Edmund Spenser, then give yourself 30 minutes to write about the analogy (how it is developed, etc.) and the tone (how it is created, where & how it changes, etc.).

And now for everyone: Complete the Perrine’s reading specified on your calendar first to give you some perspective on your writing. The rough draft you need to bring with you on Monday needs to accomplish the following: (1) Include a paragraph exploring the title of the poem (unless it’s untitled); (2) include a paragraph-long synopsis of your poem; (3) make an overall statement (thesis) in your introduction regarding something your poem DOES; (4) Include multiple paragraphs discussing how the various features of the poem work together to make the poem DO what you’re claiming it DOES.

I do recommend finishing it off with a conclusion, but this time around I’m fine with it if you don’t have one in the initial draft.

Finally, please bring an extra copy of your poem with you on Monday.

If you need any clarification, please email or tweet me. I will be out of town attending some family responsibilities for most of Saturday, but will be back to chaperone the dance that evening.

I’m looking forward to seeing what each of you writes.


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