Important: AP Lit Reading Schedule for This Week

Hello 1st Period APers. To stay on track with our first semester agenda, we need to keep up with reading assignments despite the inclement weather day(s?). In order to not get behind I’m going to have to consolidate a few of this week’s in-class activities, so it’s crucial you’re on top of these reading assignments!

Due 1/7/14: 1984 Part Two, chapters 1-4.
Due 1/8/14: 1984 Part Two, chapters 5-8.
Due 1/9/14: 1984 Part Two, chapters 9 (this one is challenging, yes, but not impossible) -10

Due 1/10/14: 1984 Part Three, chapters 1-2

In lieu of study guide questions, record the following notes at the end of EACH chapter (you can just do this in your notebook, but I will be checking them!):

1.) What important new information (or suspicions) do you have about any existing characters? Are there any new characters, even seemingly minor ones? Any interesting characterization

2.) What theme(s) or motif(s) are emerging or dominant in this particular chapter?

3.) Any additional comments or questions you have after reading.

PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANY CLASSMATES YOU SUSPECT HAVE NOT ALREADY CHECKED THIS SITE FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER DAY INSTRUCTIONS (per the policy printed on your December schedule)! THANK YOU!  And remember: yes, this class is extra work… but I assure you it is worth it!

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