Schoology News

I’m thrilled to see that those of you taking classes with Mr. Robinson and/or Mr. Roy are already making good use of Schoology! As your syllabus and the previous post on this blog indicate, my classes will be using Schoology this year also. I have CL2 reserved on Tuesday of next week to get everyone signed up and familiar with it, but if you’d like to enroll early you are welcome to do so. Simply locate the code for your class below, go to, join Schoology if you have not already done so for another class, click JOIN under the COURSES tab and enter the code for your class. Discussions will be posted over the weekend, and you’re welcome to get a head start!

English IV (3rd, 4th, and 9th period):NVM84-95XHZ

AP English Literature & Composition (2nd period): S8PX4-SNXKB

Honors/Pre-AP English II (1st period): JFRPV-ZWXTB

Fundamentals of Language (8th period, 1st semester): S9QJ9-R9SQB



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