Senior Project — Initial Proposal

Click here to find all of the paperwork you need for senior project. 

Some useful information:

* If you don’t normally use your school email address, try to log in NOW. Your address is . Your password is at least eight characters long; IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN IT OR CAN’T LOG IN FOR ANY OTHER REASON, CONTACT MR. WALLIS ( IMMEDIATELY. If all of you wait until Thursday night to do this, you can’t expect him to help each and every one of you. Take care of this now.

* Remember that what is due on Friday the 28th is your INITIAL proposal. If you don’t have the contact information for the actual person you’ll be shadowing, at least fill out your general information and goals. If you don’t do this and turn it in on Friday, you won’t be doing Senior Project.

V for Vendetta/1984 Assignment for this Weekend

Ok swimmers, wrestlers, and other absent folks in English IV. Here is what you need to take care of over the weekend:

V FOR VENDETTA handout 2


1984 Part 3 Quiz to Complete this Weekend

For those of you not in school today (Thursday 2/13), please download this quiz and complete it before class starts on Tuesday. 1984 Part 3 Take-Home Quiz

Enjoy your four-day weekend! We’ll be starting V for Vendetta and an essay assignment when you return.


English IV TED Talk #2

Here are the resources you need in order to complete the last TED talk of the semester:

PDF of the handout you need to fill out: TED Talk of the Week

Link to TED Talk #2 

Important: AP Lit Reading Schedule for This Week

Hello 1st Period APers. To stay on track with our first semester agenda, we need to keep up with reading assignments despite the inclement weather day(s?). In order to not get behind I’m going to have to consolidate a few of this week’s in-class activities, so it’s crucial you’re on top of these reading assignments!

Due 1/7/14: 1984 Part Two, chapters 1-4.
Due 1/8/14: 1984 Part Two, chapters 5-8.
Due 1/9/14: 1984 Part Two, chapters 9 (this one is challenging, yes, but not impossible) -10

Due 1/10/14: 1984 Part Three, chapters 1-2

In lieu of study guide questions, record the following notes at the end of EACH chapter (you can just do this in your notebook, but I will be checking them!):

1.) What important new information (or suspicions) do you have about any existing characters? Are there any new characters, even seemingly minor ones? Any interesting characterization

2.) What theme(s) or motif(s) are emerging or dominant in this particular chapter?

3.) Any additional comments or questions you have after reading.

PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANY CLASSMATES YOU SUSPECT HAVE NOT ALREADY CHECKED THIS SITE FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER DAY INSTRUCTIONS (per the policy printed on your December schedule)! THANK YOU!  And remember: yes, this class is extra work… but I assure you it is worth it!

Break officially ends in 13 hours… did we have homework?! *

* I do not intend insult with this title… I am fully aware that the majority of you are responsible students who stay on top of your work. 

Well folks, all good things must come to an end — including Winter Break.

As I put the finishing touches on this post I am honestly uncertain of WHEN exactly I will see you next, what with the fluctuating weather reports prognosticating a frosty apocalypse over the next few days and all. I refuse to weigh in on the probability of school being called off on any given day, however, due to my strong superstition that doing so would certainly guarantee us the opposite of what we hope for (see how I’m being intentionally vague there?).

All of that said, here’s the general plan for the upcoming week for each class. Those of you who came to this post via a link from Twitter, please encourage your non-Tweeting classmates to check the information below. Thanks!

AP Literature & Composition:  Part Two of 1984 is going to fly by; you’ll have reading assignments every night this week. There will be TWO unannounced quizzes (10 points each) based on the previous night’s reading. We will also be doing in-class writing on Wednesday and we’ll do analysis of both multiple choice and writing practice test responses.

English IV: There are several people in each section of English IV who have to make up quizzes from our last week of school before break — this will be done the first day we are back. In addition to revisiting main concepts from the beginning of 1984, we will start investigating how the BIG ideas from Part One of the book apply to present-day life . Assignments done in class this week will include AoW #3, TED Talk #2 (in class) & #3 (on your own time), a close reading of a few pages from the novel, and some fun with deciphering privacy policies & user agreements from some companies you’re very familiar with. And YES, THERE WILL BE A VOCABULARY QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK! The words have been posted on this site since December 5th — no complaints.  Scroll down to see them if necessary.

Pre-AP English: I hope you enjoyed reading your 2nd Independent Reading book over break! In addition to doing your one-pager, multi-genre project, book talk, or review for your chosen book, this week you’ll have a quiz over the next WWW vocabulary unit, start learning about rhetorical modes (and have a chance to write in each of them), and begin an ad analysis essay that will utilize your understanding of persuasive techniques and ability to write analytically.

That’s it for now. Stay warm, read or write something that makes you feel good, and be READY TO LEARN when we return to school!

Study Hints for 1984 Part 1 Quiz

Thursday’s quiz (English IV only) will count for 50 points and is ALL FILL-IN. Yes, word bank will be provided. Answering the following fifteen questions thoroughly will help you get ready for the quiz:


1.)    What is the difference between Newspeak and Oldspeak?

2.)    List five things that we can do that people living under the Party’s rule cannot do.

3.)    What are the tools Winston uses to do his job?

4.)    What are the names of the four ministries?

5.)    What are the Newspeak names of the four ministries?

6.)    Who is Syme?

7.)    Who is Parsons?

8.)    What two objects does Winston acquire from Mr. Charrington’s shop? Why is each important?

9.)    What are the names of the three countries in 1984?

10.) In which country does Winston live?

11.) Know the social structure of Oceania: what are the three groups of people? Which is the largest group? The smallest? Which is Winston part of?

12.) What is Airstrip One?

13.) Who is Ampleforth? What purpose does his character serve during his brief appearance in the novel?

14.) Who is Withers?

15.) HOW do we know Winston lives in a fascist dictatorship? List at LEAST five facts that suggest this.