Chinua Achebe on Heart of Darkness (plus a few extra resources)

First period, here is a link to the interview you need to listen to. It is approximately five minutes long, and offers some perspective on one or two of the BIG QUESTIONS we’ll be discussing and writing about for the next several days.

You may also wish to read the complete transcript that accompanies it. Please note that you have to click on “transcript” to navigate away from the article that summarizes the interview.

For more information on Chinua Achebe’s life and career, you may be interested in reading this biographical sketch.

Remember to also look over the rest of the BIG QUESTIONS you have about Heart of Darkness before tomorrow’s class.

Some other useful resources: 

* You can listen to the entire novella here. It’s broken down into small sections, so you can focus on parts you need to review.

* You can read the entire novella here. This resource is particularly good because it is searchable — if you’re looking for a particular passage, type in a few words and you’ll go right there.

* The 1979 film Apocalypse Now is based on Heart of Darkness. Are we going to watch it in class? Maybe…

* Present-day issues and news in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

* This article provides some history and assesses the causes and implications of ongoing war in the DRC.

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