Pre-AP F451 Link and Multi-genre Project Directions

Hello 8th period. Here is the link to the full text of Fahrenheit 451 I promised you: .

Your assignment is to be through the end of part one (The Hearth and the Salamander) for Monday’s class.

Also, I had issues with uploading directions for the multi-genre option for your Independent Reading, so I’m just cutting and pasting the content of the file below (I  miss my Mac!!!).  Because I am just now posting the directions, I will accept projects through the end of the day on WEDNESDAY rather than Monday. Keep in mind though that we will have reading assignments most nights, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Here you go:

Directions for

Independent Reading Multi-Genre Project

1.)  Read your Independent Reading choice.

2.)  From the genres listed on the pack of this page, choose any 6-8 artifacts to generate that will represent your knowledge & understanding of the book you read.

3.)  Make your artifacts (Have fun with it! There are countless ways to do this project right).

4.)  Include a 2-3 sentence explanation for each artifact (these can be included on each individual page, or listed at the beginning or end).

5.)  Make a cover or cover sheet that includes your name, class period, date, title of book, and author of book.

6.)  Assemble all of the artifacts into one of the following: a three-ring binder, a scrapbook, another sort of bound book such as a notebook or journal, or a SINGLE computer file (please don’t hand me a jump drive and tell me it’s all on there somewhere… put everything into ONE file – PPT or other presentation tool, Word, Google Docs, etc.).

7.)  Turn it in on or by the due date for your Independent Reading, which has been changed to Wednesday, November 6th.  

Artifact Suggestions:

Artifact Genre Suggestions/Possibilities for Use
journal or diary entry/entries
Newspaper  article or magazine feature story
poem (about something or by a character in the book)
found poem (choose one page or one chapter to mine for good words & phrases to rearrange into a poem)
photo illustration
book cover
board game
obituary/death notice
marriage, graduation, or other special event  announcement
event poster, program, or ticketsrf
report card
comic strip/graphic narrative excerpt
text conversation
Facebook dashboard, profile, etc.
Soundtrack or Playlist
personal letter
to-do list, itinerary, or schedule
top ten list
interview or panel discussion
work performance evaluation
inner monologue
cast list for movie production What actors would portray the characters well?
screenplay w/ dialogue and stage directions You only need to do this for a single scene or chapter.
travel brochure
store receipts or invoices, job or school application, meeting minutes, or other document
scene illustration
magazine or TV advertisement or infomercial
biographical summary of a character
character analysis
symbol explanation
extra chapter (Usually one that would go at the end; some students do a prequel chapter though!)
letter to the editor
object illustration  
Photo essay 3+ photos that depict plot, mood, and/or some other aspect of the book
Pinterest board (you would submit a screen shot of this)
(anything else creative that demonstrates your understanding of the book) Think of artifacts people unintentionally leave behind as evidence of their existence. What’s in your backpack, purse, or gym bag? On the floor of your room? In the car that you drive? Almost anything can be somehow represented on behalf of your book’s characters, plot, setting, etc.

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