Pre-Winter Break Updates for All Classes

1.) Due to yesterday’s day off, I unfortunately do not have your midterm study sheets ready to give to you today. I will get them done by Monday or Tuesday of next week, though, and post them here for those of you who are interested in getting a head start on studying.

2.) Just some friendly reminders of what you need to do over break:

  • AP Literature & Composition — Finish reading Hamlet, read and annotate “Hamlet: The Matter of Character”, and complete the practice multiple choice questions you’ve been given. Note that you will have a vocabulary quiz on the day after we return, and a quiz over acts 4 & 5 on the Friday of that week. Be ready!
  • English IV — Finish reading Hamlet, completing the study guide as you do so. Be aware that you have a vocabulary quiz on the day after we return from break, and then a quiz over acts 4 & 5 on the Thursday of that week. Be ready!
  • Honors English II — Finish reading The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Note that you have an assignment due on the day we return (check your December assignment schedule for specifics), a vocabulary quiz on the day after that, and a quiz over Julius Caesar Acts 4 & 5 on the Friday of that week. Be ready!
  • Journalism — Keep up on national and world news events! Your current events quiz on Wednesday, January 4th will be roughly twice as long as usual and will cover December 19-January 3.


October 1st Issue of The Chieftain

Journalism class has been hard at work this year learning about news media and producing The Chieftain, Cuyahoga Heights High School’s newspaper. We’ve just arranged to post every issue on the CHHS website, but I’m going to post our first issue (from last month) here, too, so as many people as possible can see it. The next issue is slated to be published December 1st, so stay tuned!

Click here to view the October 1 issue of The Chieftain: october_2016_chieftain

November Assignment Schedules

Here are downloadable versions of November’s assignment schedules in case you misplace your copy.

AP Literature: ap-lit-november-2016-assignment-schedule

Honors English II: he2-november-2016-assignment-schedule

English IV: e4-november-2016-assignment-schedule


UPDATED English IV Assignment Schedule for October 2016

On the original English IV October assignment schedule, I somehow managed to make assignments due on days you do not have school. Here is the corrected schedule, with my apologies for the confusion.


Exploring Opinions on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

In Journalism class, we are currently working on a project that requires students to read and analyze opinion pieces from the news. One component of this project is to find multiple columns written on the same topic. Interestingly, this week Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature has generated a great deal of opinion writing — some writers praising the Nobel committee members for choosing Dylan, others chastising them. Here is a sampling of what journalists have to say:

Bob Dylan is a legend, but he doesn’t deserve his Nobel Prize

October 2016 Assignment Schedules

These assignment schedules cover September 26-October 29, 2016.

AP Literature & Composition: ap-lit-assignment-schedule-october-2016

English IV: e4-assignment-schedule-october-2016

Honors English II: he2-assignment-schedule-october-2016

Journalism: Follow assignment dates listed on the whiteboard.


September Assignment Schedules

Here are the assignment schedules for all of my core classes for the next month. Please remember that this schedule is also hanging on the bulletin board near the door, and you have been given a hard copy of the schedule. You are always held responsible for knowing what is due when!




Journalism students: Your assignment due dates will be written on the board.