What did I miss? 11/9 – 11/12

Pre-AP — Vocabulary creative writing assignment for F451 #2; completion of study guide for Burning Bright; ten AP- Style multiple choice questions, lots of discussion about Burning Bright. Please see me if you need more information about any of these activities.

Eng. IV — Two “Survival English” assignments: one involved reading and analyzing offers from banks and credit card companies, the other (which is due TOMORROW) consisted of reading a sample lease agreement and answering some questions about its content. ALSO, Mrs. Hanratty came in to pass out Career Portfolios and give you information about NEXT WEDNESDAY’S MOCK INTERVIEWS. Finally,  if you have not completed BOTH the essay and objective portions of your Middle Ages (Part 2) test, you must make it/them up by Wednesday of next week.

Eng. II — No absences. 🙂

Spectator writers — Articles are still due on the 17th! Please come see me with drafts if you need advice.

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