Welcome Back!

Thank you to all of my students for a good start to the year. I am looking forward to working with you and seeing the great work you are capable of doing.

Here is your first daily update post. Be sure you’re reading the correct class’s update!

ALL CLASSES:  Please begin looking for your first Independent Reading book if you haven’t already. Due dates for commitments are creeping up!

Pre-AP:   We will be focusing on The Catcher in the Rye this upcoming week, so if you have your own copy of the book please bring it to class with you. I will return your graded study guides to you on Monday, and there will be a test over the novel on Friday. Please bring your Reading Journals with you to class on Monday — you’ll be doing one more entry and then leaving them with me for the week to be graded.

Also, I’ve put three pretest assignments in Study Island for you to complete so I can gauge where each of you is  with reading, grammar, and other English-related skills. They are also listed in Progress Book; please note the due dates for each.

English IV:  Please bring your textbook to class on Monday. Also, don’t forget that Article of the Week #1 is due on Friday — follow the directions at the top of the article I distributed. If you weren’t in 9th period because you were setting up for The Great Class Challenge, I will give you a copy on Monday.

English II: Please check the Study Island schedule that is in your syllabus. Your first assignment is due by the end of the day tomorrow, and I noticed that no one has done it yet. If you need your login information from last year, please ask and I can get it for you.

Also, please have your binder set up for class on Monday. You’ll need it!

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