Monday Update

English IV — Due to the 2nd period senior class meeting we held off on starting literature for one more day.  You’ll need to print Vocabulary List #1, which the rest of us (9th period) went over before I explained the procedure for vocabulary units and the format of the quizzes. I also handed out passwords to access your textbook online. Please note that you have a Study Island (yes, good ol’ Study Island!) assignment due on Wednesday, Mrs. Hanratty will be with us on Thursday to go over your Career Portfolio requirements, and AoW #1 is due on Friday.

Pre-AP English — Good job with the Catcher in the Rye activity today! I apologize that we got cut off at the end of both classes, but I snapped images of what you put on the board so your work is not lost. We’ll finish up the last few minutes of discussion at the beginning of class tomorrow before we move on to new material.

English II — Everyone was in class today, so you should all have your new vocabulary list. Please check Progress Book and/or Study Island to be sure you’re keeping up with recurring assignments.

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