9/27 Updates

Pardon my posting hiatus of the past week. I’m back, and will be posting daily again for the foreseeable future. As always, though, you should heed all directions given in class and written on the blackboard.

PRE-AP –Tomorrow you need to bring the following with you to class: 1.) Your completed SOAPSTone assessment of the essay “The Boredom Effect”, and your vocabulary book with unit 3 completed.

ENGLISH IV — Your assignment for tonight is to write down (or type) your topic and your plan for this week’s essay (the plan can be in outline or paragraph form). This part of the writing process will be checked for participation credit!

Also, please remember that your Beowulf test has been moved to Thursday (9/29). Ninth period had a brief review session today; second period will tomorrow.

Here is this week’s English IV vocabulary list: E4V5 2011-12


ENGLISH II — PLEASE keep up with Study Island assignments! As of 3:30 PM, only three of you have completed the assignment that’s due today. Go get it done. Thank you in advance.

I am looking forward to seeing what you do for vocabulary creative writing this week. If you get yours done before Friday, you are welcome to turn it in early.

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