English IV and English II Updates: 9/13/11

English II: 

* You have a Study Island assignment due today.

* Also, your homework this evening is to read the book excerpt (102 Minutes) I handed out and answer each of the questions in the margins as you read. You can also feel free to circle unknown words, underline names of new characters as they are introduced, or make any other sort of annotations that helps you understand what you read. If you were absent, you can at least read the same excerpt in your online textbook (click on the “Your Online Textbook” link on the left   column of this page).

* Three of you who were absent yesterday were also absent today, so I’m posting your new vocabulary list HERE so you don’t get behind. Vocab Creative Writing #2 is due on Friday.

English IV:

* Please bring your textbook to class ALL WEEK!

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