Pre-AP Class Update: 9/13/11

I have so much information to pass on to you this afternoon that you get your very own post. 🙂

First, a few of you requested a recap of yesterday’s notes on what you need to do for tomorrow/Thursday. Click HERE to download a copy.

Next, several of you found sources via databases that are NOT from periodicals. This is fine, as long as you put them in your bibliography correctly. Below you will find lists of information needed to account for an online encyclopedia article, a book, and information from a wire service (assuming they were each found via databases). I’m doing this based on the best information I have about the sources you’re using — there may be slight modifications needed if your sources don’t fit the descriptions perfectly. No worries, it’s a learning experience. We’ll do any necessary “tweaking” tomorrow.



1.) “Title of Entry/Article.”

2.) Name of Encyclopedia.

3.) Version or volume (if applicable).

4.) Date published or updated.

5.) Medium consulted (if more than one medium exists).

6.) Name of Database.

7.) Date accessed.

* When deciding where to place this article alphabetically, use the first letter of the entry.


1.) Author’s last name, Author’s first name.

2.) Title of Book.

3.) Place of print publication:

4.) Name of publisher,

5.) Date of publication.

6.) Medium consulted.

7.) Name of Database.

8.) Date of access.

ARTICLE FROM A NEWS WIRE SERVICE (ex. Associated Press, Reuters):

1.) Author last name, Author first name.

2.)”Name of Article.”

3.) Name of Wire Service.

4.) Website on which article was published. – OR-   Name of Database.   (Assuming you found it in a database, go with the latter.)

5.) Date published.

6.) Medium.

7.) Date accessed.


2 Responses

  1. Mrs. Neville i wasnt in class today and do not know how to do the bibliography

  2. I thought I should let you know that this post just totally saved me on my history project! I couldn’t remember the format so I said “I bet it’s on Mrs. Nevilles page,” and it was! haha THANK YOU
    -Megan Howard

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