Fahrenheit 451 Test Study Hints

  • Know who’s who: it’s never enough to remember “that guy” was married to “that lady.” Character list: Guy Montag, Mildred, Clarisse McClellan, Capt. Beatty, Faber, Granger, Mr. Black, The Mechanical Hound, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Bowles…
  • There will be several questions about imagery, figures of speech, and other literary devices. In each of them you will be provided with a quotation containing one or more literary device and asked to identify or interpret it/them.
  • Symbols: this novel is PACKED with symbolism. Consider the following:
    • the names of each of the three parts
    • characters’ names
    • the salamander
    • the phoenix
    • different kinds of light
    • different kinds of fire
  • Motifs – you’ll get extensive notes on these in class tomorrow.
  • Themes — you’ll get extensive notes on these in class tomorrow.
  • Allusions – revisit the Power Point notes you have.

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