Pre-AP Study Hints

Here are some more specific study hints:

  • Review study guide questions for all three sections of the book.
  • Consider symbolic nature of the following character names: Granger, Faber, Guy Montag, and Clarisse
  • Mythological allusions: Hercules & Antaeus, Prometheus, Daedalus & Icarus
  • Consider the cultural context of the novel’s creation – early 1950’s America.
  • Understand the relation of the novel to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave
  • Examine the physical descriptions of characters (especially Clarisse and Mildred)
  • Compare and contrast the character development of Mildred and Clarisse (how is the language used to describe them different?)
  • Shakespearean allusions  — The Tragedy of Julius Caesar and The Merchant of Venice
  • Compare and contrast Beatty and Granger
  • Be aware of the following motifs and their significance: insects /birds/flying things, eyes/sight,  good and bad fire, juxtaposition of mechanical/natural elements, snakes/serpents, etc.
  • Biblical allusions: the Book of Job, Ecclesiastes, the Sermon on the Mount, Tower of Babel, Sodom & Gomorrah
  • How the “American Dream” is represented in this novel?
  • The use of literary devices by the author: simile. synaesthesia, metaphor, personification, etc.  (figurative language is very important — what is the “earthquake”? How does Montag suffer a “concussion?”)
  • Compare and contrast Clarisse and Faber
  • Symbols : hearth, sieve/sand, salamander, phoenix, the number 451, parlor “family”, seashells, mirrors, mechanical hound, etc.
  • Science fiction genre
  • Faber’s three things
  • How is the river (in Burning Bright) significant?
  • How is Mildred described?

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