Joy to the World, I Can Upload Media!

Thanks to Mr. Wherley’s patient detective work, I am now able to link to other websites and upload documents to this site. We’re back in business!

Here are your updates for today:

Pre-AP English: Don’t worry, the results of your Fahrenheit 451 objective test aren’t half as bad as I heard you predicting as you walked out of class today. I’m not done grading all of them yet, but will be soon and will post them as soon as possible.

Please study for Monday’s vocabulary quiz and get going on your response journal essay, which is due Tuesday.

English IV:  All you need to do this weekend is to write your thank-you letter to the person who interviewed you on Thursday. Remember to stamp & address the envelope, but do NOT seal it. I need to check what you wrote so I can give you credit for it.

English II: You don’t have homework this weekend! I do, however, recommend reading your IR book and looking over your Fahrenheit 451 notes/study guides. Your test over all of Fahrenheit 451 will be on Thursday.

Happy weekend! Be safe and healthy.

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