Setup of Tomorrow’s AP Lit Test

I’ve received a few questions about the test you’ll take tomorrow over Beowulf; hopefully this clears them up:

* One section will require you to match names (characters, tribes, places…) to descriptions or descriptive text passages.

* Another section will consist of multiple choice questions. Some will be AP-style questions about brief passages (ranging from 3-15 lines long each); others will assess your ability to make connections between Anglo-Saxon history/culture and details from Beowulf.

*Fear not! Because of the in-class writing you already completed this week, there is NOT an extended response on this test. However, there are a handful of short-answer questions that will require 3-4 sentence long answers.

* Names to quiz yourselves over: Wealtheow, Grendel, Wiglaf, Higlac, Geats, Danes, Scyld (Shield), Unferth, Brecca, Hrunting, Hrothgar, Beowulf, & Herot.

* S0me terms: comitatus, kenning, caesura, epic, paganism, animism, thane…

I hope that helps. Happy studying! It’s almost the weekend.

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