Weekend Reminders for Seniors

Everyone:    I’m going to have a grading marathon tonight and tomorrow. I realize Progress Book is a little scant at the moment, but will be significantly updated throughout the weekend. By Sunday night you should have an accurate idea of how you’re doing this grading period.

AP:    Get your cover letter done if you anticipate a busy week  or if you just want to get it out of the way early (it’s due on Friday, November 16th). Also, please  read chapter eight of How to Read Literature Like a Professor (“Hanseldee and Greteldum”). As you do so, please jot down some good notes. I have a few passages underlined that we’ll definitely talk about in class on Monday, but you should also have something to contribute.

English IV:   You will have a vocabulary quiz on Monday! Scroll down to the November 6th entry if you need a copy of the words. They are all from an article of the week you will be given on Monday; knowing them will not only be useful for the quiz, but will also help you understand the AoW better.

Everyone have a good weekend!

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