Pre-AP Writing Prompt for Essay Question

Here is the essay question you need to respond to TONIGHT and turn in with your objective test TOMORROW:

The setting of a novel or play is often more significant to the plot and characters than merely identifying the time and place of action. Write a well-organized essay (intro, body, and conclusion; 1-1/2 -2 pages typed & double spaced OR the front & back of a sheet of college-ruled notebook paper if written by hand) in which you analyze how World War II affects the novel. You may wish to examine character development, plot advancement, specific literary devices, or other elements typically addressed when analyzing literature. 

Remember, this is the essay question portion of your test over A Separate Peace. Please do your best! You may use your book, notes, study guide, etc. to inform your writing. 


* This question is adapted from the Applied Practice AP unit for the novel A Separate Peace. 

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