Thanks for your patience as I wrap up this crazy year! 

I’ll have all grades posted in Progress Book before the day ends (Sunday, 6/8). At this point any assignment that is actually missing is recorded as such; a blank entry in PB simply means I haven’t entered the score yet for that assignment. I realize I’ve taken longer with assignment grading and grade entry than usual this year, but want to make sure I get it done right rather than rushing through it for the sake of posting things quicker.

Summer reading instructions were distributed in classes over the past two weeks, but will also be posted under the Summer Reading tab on this site sometime Monday morning (6/9). This applies to my classes only —  if you need Mr. D’s or Mrs. Siley’s, you’ll need to contact them.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their first few days of summer vacation (I know softball players have!). Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about your summer assignments or anything else that will help you be ready to go in August.

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