Time for a field trip to Oxford!

Well, a virtual one at least.

Visiting the Bodleian Library at Oxford is one of my favorite memories of this past summer spent in the UK, so I often peek at their website for some wistful reminiscing.

And last week, a link to this special exhibition popped up. Perfect timing! Seniors who are currently studying Frankenstein with me can explore the myriad resources, including images of Mary Shelley’s handwritten manuscript of the novel (note all of the edits and revisions — no one writes it entirely right the first time!). You may also be interested in viewing and/or listening to the letters exchanged between family members, the journal entries reflecting on events we’ve discussed in class, and for the morbidly curious, perhaps even the several documents related to Harriet Shelley’s suicide.


(And for the record, yes, I hope to someday take a group of students abroad over the summer.)

Frankenstein Notes: Prereading Through Ch. 7

Seniors: We have covered a great deal of information over the past few days regarding Frankenstein, and will continue to cover the novel rapidly this week. To ensure that you have all of the notes you need, I’m posting them here for you to read and print if necessary. All of these notes are fair game for Friday’s quiz (only words 1-15 of the vocabulary will be covered).


Background Notes (author background, terms, big ideas)

Letters 1-4

Ch. 1-4 Notes and Quotes

Ch. 5-7 Notes and Quotes