Assignment Calendars Through the End of the Grading Period

Here are your new calendars of assignments and assessments. Believe it or not, this one takes us through the end of the 1st 9-week grading period!

AP Lit Assignment Schedule Sept-Oct 2015

English 4 Assignment Schedule Sept-Oct 2015

Honors English 2 Assignment Schedule Sept-Oct 2015

Fundamentals of Language Bonus Activity (due 5/27)

Eighth period, here is the bonus crossword puzzle for this grading period:


Good luck!

Summer Reading Requirements for the Class of 2016

Greetings, next year’s seniors! I will be coming in to talk to you in your current English class next week, but for those of you who would like a preview I am posting your summer reading assignments now. Please click on the appropriate link below to view a PDF of your summer assignment(s).

English IV Sumnmer Reading Assignment 2015

AP Literature & Composition Summer Assignments 2015

These resources are also available in the Summer/Independent Reading tab in the top right corner of this site.

15 Words to Eliminate from Your Writing

It’s not just me! Some of you may think I’m being nit-picky when I constantly circle these words and write “WC” (word choice) above them in essay after essay. However, I’ve seen this list pop up often on social media over the past few days — it has a good list with great explanations. Please read it!


Take Note

This is currently trending on LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals of all sorts:

Hire Writers

You’ve Asked for it: CHS Yoga Class Offering Survey

Many of you know that in addition to loving my job teaching high school English, I am also a credentialed yoga teacher. I’ve had many CHS students and teachers ask this year if I would be willing to teach a yoga class here at the school, so I’ve put together this survey to determine exactly what people are looking for. If you’re considering taking yoga classes (if this idea gets approved — I still have to run it by the bosses once I have enough information from you to know what I need to get approved), please fill out the survey and spread the news to anyone else who might be interested.

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Clarification for Parents (and Students) Regarding Required Style Guide

I’ve had a few parents inquire about the style guide mentioned in my Honors English II syllabus, so I thought it would be best to post responses here in case anyone else had the same questions or concerns. They’re all very valid and fair questions!

QUESTION: I have a son/daughter in your Honors English II class and one in your English IV (or AP English IV) class. Why are the sophomores REQUIRED to purchase a style guide, but it is only RECOMMENDED to the seniors? 

ANSWER: In the past the CHHS English department has not uniformly required a particular style guide to be purchased and used from year to year, but after a year-long PLC (professional learning community) project we decided it was in our students’ best interest to adopt one. As we phase in this new purchase requirement for all students, I figured it would be easier to justify the investment to students/parents who would be using the book for more than one year. It will certainly be easier for me to conduct class activities if all or most of the seniors have their own copy, but for this first year I’m willing to work with what we have.

QUESTION: I have more than one kid in the high school. Can they share one copy of the book? 

ANSWER: As long as they don’t have English class during the same period, I don’t mind if your kids share one copy. Please check with Mrs. Siley or Mr. D though if either of them has one of your kids as a student.

QUESTION: Two different books are listed. Is one preferable to the other? 

ANSWER: The second of the two books is perfectly fine (and half the price)! We listed both A Writer’s Reference (7th edition)  and A Pocket Style Manual (6th edition) because the longer, more expensive former is often required by colleges and therefore could save you about $30 in the long run. We fully understand though that some of you nearly fell out of your chairs when you saw a $60 book listed as a requirement for a high school class. I sincerely apologize for any stress it may have caused.

QUESTION: Where do you recommend purchasing the book?

ANSWER: Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble sell A Pocket Style Manual  (6th edition) for roughly $27. Click on the store names for direct links to the listings. Please feel free to explore any cheaper used copies they offer, but just be certain you’re getting the correct edition so recent updates to APA and MLA formats are included. If you’d prefer to buy the book at an actual brick and mortar store, I recommend calling first to see if they have it in stock (if not, they can easily order it for you).

Barnes and Noble (Eaton/Chagrin Blvd. location): 216-765-7520

Barnes and Noble (Crocker Park location): 440-250-9233

Visible Voice Books (Kenilworth Ave. in Tremont):  216-961-0084


I hope this post is helpful. Please feel free to email or call with any additional questions!